Massy Nasser-Ghandi

Inspirations & Porcelaine

Click here to view some of the pieces from the Novembre 2016 exhibition in Monaco

About the Artist

As a genuine Art lover, Massy Nasser-Ghandi started her career as a Make-Up artist in San Francisco for Opera and Theater Actors. She later attended the “École des Beaux Arts” in Paris for two years and majored in Fashion design.

Ever since 1995 she has immersed herself in learning, practicing and teaching the art of painting on porcelaine. She is based in Nice, on the historically inspirational French Riviera.

Between 1998 and 2016 she exhibited her works in the United States,  Iran, London and finally in Monaco.

But it was in 2005 in Lisbon, when she participated in the International Convention dedicated to Painting on Porcelain, that she was awarded the First Prize for a fine gold painted Porcelain vase.

Consequent to last year's success, and to our greatest satisfaction,  Massy Nasser-Ghandi is returning to Monaco for us to discover her recent creations,  "Inspirations and Porcelain".

She has studied with the most prestigious names of porcelaine painting, such as:

About her Work

Massy Nasser-Ghandi works mainly on custom orders for plate sets, coffee sets, accessories, favor gifts, bibelots and bathroom / kitchen tiles.
All table-craft work is done on Limoges porcelaine, gold is very prominently used and most pieces are fired multiple times in the kiln; paints and media are either bushed on, penned on, etched in, textured by smudging or built up with relief techniques.
Each piece is painted and crafted individually, keeping with the main theme, but lovingly and uniquely revealing its own design.